Karlos arguiñano bitcoin

Karlos arguiñano bitcoin

Karlos arguiñano bitcoin

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When you click on them, you are redirected to a web page that looks like a media site that, as we said, transcribes a supposed interview of that celebrity in El Hormiguero, where testimonials and supposed success stories are included in an attempt to gain credibility. The reality is that these success stories do not exist because the photos have been taken from image banks.
The content is also full of links that take you to the pages of these supposed financial products, which have names like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader and ask for an initial «investment» of 250€ that you will never see again.

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The old saying that nobody gives hard to pesetas, or now euros to cents, is more alive than ever in the era of new technologies and the Internet, where cybercrimes are proliferating, many of them scams related to cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies, bitcoins.
The difficulty of the investigation lies in the fact that the scammers operate from places in Eastern Europe such as Georgia, Lithuania, Albania or Ukraine, although there is also in Seville an open investigation by a company operating from London.
In fact, the Computer Crime Section of the Seville Prosecutor’s Office currently has ten investigations open for cryptocurrency scams committed internationally and that have their bases of operations in Eastern countries such as Albania, Ukraine or Poland, specifies the prosecutor, who warns, however, that the volume of these crimes is much higher, because most of these complaints are filed «for lack of known perpetrator.»
The investigator of the Economic Crime group of the Police agrees with the prosecutor that this type of fraud has increased. These are complex matters to investigate, in which «a very high percentage do not obtain results» and in which it is difficult to recover the money, since on many occasions they are destined for bank accounts located in «tax havens».

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The alarms go off if we analyze their website, in which they assure us that the robot has an almost perfect accuracy in its operations, 99.4%. If we compare it with other real robots of large companies within the Cryptocurrency trading, we talk about robots with a probability of success between 55 and 60%.
All this, and very similar scandals of other scam websites using Bitcoins as a lure, have made the mistrust towards the cryptocurrency market grow. Should we think that Cryptocurrencies are all a fraud?
The investment market for Bictoin and other cryptocurrencies is highly volatile, but just like any other investment market. Nothing stops the fluctuation and it depends on market trends.
Something you should keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency market, like everything that is in an emerging state, is not a technology that is going to make you rich instantly. It is something that is growing, innovating and where you will find business opportunities. This entails risk, so you should heed the advice of specialists and act with caution to make a profit from this activity.

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