Bitcoin opiniones forocoches

Bitcoin opiniones forocoches


The donations will go to animal shelters, since “they want to help as many animals as possible, because they all need medical treatment and food, but the shelters can’t help them all”.
Coins that do not have this objective are called ‘shitcoin’, in reference to their lack of background, which for García is similar to the so-called ‘pink sheets’: the name given in the United States to low-capitalization companies with no fundamentals to support their growth.
For García, this would be the case of Rotomoon and he believes that if the objective is to help animals in a shelter, it would make much more sense for this token to be launched by an organization such as the Partido Animalista (PACMA).
“With the exit of Rotomoon a few days ago, there are many speculative investors who want to get into the token, which already exceeds 1.5 million dollars in capitalization, and we cannot rule out that it becomes the new ‘doge’,” said IG analyst Diego Morin in statements to Europa Press.

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“If we organize a dozen thousand ‘shurs’ willing to put in a couple of thousand (which in many cases would multiply) we could do it, the stock is in the shit (97 cents), if we start shorting like assholes the laughs could be big. Basically it would be the same as Reddit, but in reverse, good laughs would be.” These are the words of a thread by a Forocoches user, calling to organize to try to sink Grupo Prisa’s shares. Fortunately, the thread did not get far. The forum users themselves criticized the idea and finally the thread was closed.
Another thread opened on Forocoches, also closed, directly called for ’emulating Reddit’. It asked to “invest in the cheapest stock in the continuous market” and “if it works out well and we get in the news, publicity for this company that not even God knows. And if it doesn’t work out well, at least we can have a good laugh”. To do so, he suggested investing through a specific broker with low commissions, although he also issued a disclaimer warning that “the probabilities of losing money are greater than in any other listed company”.

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As administrator of the site, Alex assures that his role is not to intervene in this type of initiatives. “I try to be neutral, not to do anything,” he says, “it is the users who get involved, sometimes for good things and sometimes for bad things.”
On the possibility that the members of forocoches decide to act on October 1 on the occasion of the independence referendum, Alex answers: “I don’t know what would happen if they decide to intervene” although he points out, “if we propose (a boycott) it will certainly not go ahead. If you force something in the forum, it doesn’t work”.

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