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Revolut no brasil

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Revolut’s growth has been accelerated. Storonsky, a Russian-born former athlete, founded it in July 2015 along with Vlad Yatsenko, as part of the fintech incubation programs that have been driven in London. The initial product was a prepaid card, offering its users to use foreign currencies at better exchange rates when traveling abroad.
But the card, which remains the go-to product for entering new markets, fell short of the aspirations of Storonsky, who decided to quit his career as a derivatives trader at Credit Suisse and set up his own company convinced that he «could do better than traditional banks.»
The company did not respond to requests to clarify its plans for the region. But the description of the executive positions it is seeking suggests that in Mexico it will opt to enter as a payment application, and expand into services such as insurance, credit and trading, while in Brazil the focus will be on obtaining a banking license.

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There are two versions of subscription to REVOLUT, one Free and one paid.  The free version I think is more than enough for the use we can give as travelers but if you need any of the Premium benefits you can upgrade at any time.
IMPORTANT: whenever we travel and we pay or withdraw money in a currency other than EURO, the cashier (or POS) will ask us: complete the transaction «with conversion» or «without conversion»: ALWAYS choose «WITHOUT CONVERSION» i.e. always choose to pay in the LOCAL CURRENCY. This way the currency exchange will be done by Revolut at the best exchange rate. If you choose «with conversion» the cashier will exchange the currency at his own rate (which is not in your interest).
Remember that it is essential to always carry an alternative payment method when traveling, i.e. cash and more than one card, as it can fail for any reason, it can be blocked (for security reasons when making an unexpected transaction), or the chip or magnetic stripe can be damaged.

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