Revolut bitcoin hacienda

Revolut bitcoin hacienda

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In view of this situation, and with the approval by the Government of the Bill on measures to prevent and combat tax fraud, we share with you this guide that summarizes everything you should take into account to know how declaring cryptocurrencies in 2021 will affect your taxation.
You should bear in mind that, given the lack of clarity in many aspects of these cryptocurrencies and their relationship with taxation, this content does not constitute tax or financial advice and that your case should be reviewed by an expert cryptocurrency tax advisor to know in detail your situation before filing your taxes.
At the end of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto registered the article «Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system». In it, he proposed as a solution to the extra cost of the intervention of a third party (financial institution) in electronic payment, to create an independent network based on «peer-to-peer» electronic cash, used directly between parties. Months later, the Bitcoins network was launched and the first electronic currencies were issued. A new concept of currencies was born, outside the traditional control of governments and institutions: cryptocurrencies.

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You may be one of those lucky ones who invested in bitcoins when they were just starting to be talked about and now you find that your money has appreciated so much that you don’t quite know what to do with it.
Converting it back to euros and enjoying the gains is always an option. But do you have to tell the tax authorities, and how? What happens if you don’t declare it? Can you go to jail for tax evasion? How much money can the tax authorities suspect that I have made profitable transactions with bitcoins?
However, in the United States this is starting to happen: a judge has ruled that the request for information by the country’s tax agency on the activities of users is not excessively intrusive.
In other words, the IRS does not know if you have cryptocurrencies, just as it does not know if you keep money under your mattress. But, if you have not declared them to the Treasury, you should still have everything ready because, sooner rather than later, the Treasury will take action on the matter.

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NO voy a usar el intercambio de criptodivisas de Revolut. Echa un vistazo al siguiente enlace para encontrar un montón de alternativas totalmente funcionales (y más baratas) donde puedes comprar Bitcoin (BTC) y otras criptodivisas.
Traducido al inglés, esto significa que el precio se pondera a favor del precio que ha visto el mayor volumen en un período de tiempo definido. Todo esto se basa en los datos de precios de Bitstamp, que es el socio de intercambio de criptodivisas de Revolut.
Revolut añade un recargo del 2,5% al precio VWAP «para tener en cuenta la volatilidad», lo que parece una mala excusa. Si eres un usuario Premium o Metal Revolut (que requieren una suscripción de pago), esta comisión se reduce al 1,5%.
Si eres un usuario estándar y cambias más de 1.000€ de cualquier divisa utilizando Revolut, serás categorizado como cliente de «alta frecuencia». Si entra en esta categoría, se le cobrará un 0,5% adicional en comisiones cuando compre o venda criptodivisas con Revolut.
Debido a esto, Revolut maneja toda la conversión de divisas necesaria entre bastidores. Todo esto se gestiona con el tipo de cambio interbancario durante las horas normales de trabajo en días laborables. Revolut añadirá un recargo del 1% a las principales divisas fuera del horario laboral y los fines de semana.

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The only «suspicious» movements in N26 and paypal that may have been the sale of second hand photographic material on ebay or to a cashconverters type of sale based in germany that I made. In truth it would have been about 5000 or 6000 euros because it was professional photographic equipment. I don’t know if that will be enough to set off some alarm bells.
But I think that really, who should know how to guide us are the tax officials … they have put the notice, so they will know how to proceed and what amounts we are talking about … this is a beastly mess, at least for some like me …
Man it would be theirs, they should explain you how to proceed from Pe to Pa without having to hire a tax advisor, but of course, we already know that in practice it does not work like that, it depends a lot on the official on duty that touches you.
Ya, but fuck, always, when someone has doubts about the declaration, you go ask for an appointment and they solve the issue, do not tell you to look for your life, which makes no sense, they tell you to do something and do not have specific data, they know everything !!!! haha

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