Pablo motos florentino perez bitcoin

Pablo motos florentino perez bitcoin

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Will Smith’s visit to El hormiguero in 2012, when the show was still on Cuatro, was a boom for Pablo Motos. «I let him direct because I realized that he knew much more than I did,» he admits. From that broadcast, a great success in terms of audience, an excellent friendship arose between the actor and the presenter.
Pablo Motos has said goodbye to Antena 3 until after the summer. El Hormiguero stops broadcasting from this Tuesday and will not return until September 6, when the new season of the channel will begin.
The presenter Anne Igartiburu was a guest at El Hormiguero this Thursday to talk about her participation as the dubbing of one of the animated characters of the movie Spirit-Indomable. Pablo Motos took the opportunity to take stock of her television career.
Josie was this Wednesday’s guest at El Hormiguero. The stylist talked with Pablo Motos about fashion, style and celebrities. But the most curious moment came when the presenter reminded him of the criticisms he had made for his look at the wedding of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio.

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Soccer player Santi Cazorla was yesterday’s guest at El Hormiguero, where he was talking about his entire sports career, but also he and Pablo Motos shared impressions of an event they both attended a few days ago, the wedding of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio on June 15.
Motos said in El Hormiguero: «I was talking to him because we are both united by the fact that we have been swindled. There is a scam, I have already commented it here. We appear on the Internet, like I am interviewing Florentino and then he tells the secret to be a millionaire. It’s a scam that the law can’t deal with. Are there people above the law? Yes, I have filed a complaint, he has filed a complaint, I have already gone to court…».

Bitcoin scam denounced by pablo motos

When you click on them, you are redirected to a web page that looks like a media that, as we say, transcribes a supposed interview of that famous person in El Hormiguero, where testimonials and supposed success stories are included to try to gain credibility. The reality is that these success stories do not exist because the photos have been taken from image banks.
The content is also full of links that take you to the pages of these supposed financial products, which have names like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader and ask for an initial «investment» of 250€ that you will never see again.

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Florentino Pérez, Ana Botín, Amancio Ortega, Alejandro Sanz, Cristiano Ronaldo… These are just a few examples of a long list of successful people that everyone knows and who supposedly endorse investing in bitcoins, this time in a fraudulent page called, with alleged address at «1457 Spinnaker Lane, Chicago IL, 60632».
Florentino Pérez is also supposed to have commented in this regard that «never before in history have we had such an incredible opportunity for normal people to earn so much money in such a short time».
Logically, it is all false. Starting from the fact that Pablo Motos never interviewed Florentino Perez to talk about bitcoins. The truth is that the page, which already has some experience, uses the cryptocurrency and popular characters as a claim in order to obtain data and, on this occasion, hard cash, and immediately.
There are many pages just as fake, but this one is a reference on the Internet, with that appearance and that apparent name,, which soon turns into and as they lead you to their terrain.

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