La mañana de rtve amancio ortega bitcoin

La mañana de rtve amancio ortega bitcoin

How the bitcoin fraud that uses the image of the bitcoins works

Today, Tuesday, August 17, 2021, we do not lose sight of three cryptocurrencies of considerable investor interest, of the most popular, but also, it seems, of those that are showing the most interest movements. Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and Binance Coin BNB continue to be dragged by bullish and bearish trends in the cryptocurrency market. What will become of the cryptocurrencies in question today?
Our analysis of the Binance Coin cryptocurrency today continues to surprise us with how well undervalued it is at the moment. It is priced at no other than around $419.23. But until what point does it make sense to invest in the cryptocurrency in question? Suffice it to say that its value has been decreasing, but in percentages such as the week, it has been dealing with rises of 18.57%, which is a very high percentage to be up, or the downside of 0.99%. Regarding the volume of the Binance Coin cryptocurrency, we find amounts such as 2,710,999,471 dollars or 70,619,688,634 dollars, the amount that corresponds to the market capitalization.

Bitcoin scam reported by pablo motos

The investigation began after several complaints about scams involving investments in cryptocurrencies and diamonds. To attract victims, the gang pretended to have well-known businessmen as clients. In addition to the founder of Inditex, they also used the image of the founder of Mercadona, Joan Roig, or well-known sportsmen.
They promised high profitability for investments that were not made, since the organization only appropriated the money of those affected. In total, the agents have detected 17 platforms, with offices located in Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

La mañana de rtve amancio ortega bitcoin 2021

«What cybercriminals do is buy advertising space on legitimate and popular websites. Not only in your newspaper, it has happened in important websites all over the world. Their goal is to attract the user, and the best way is to place an ad that catches their attention,» reveals the expert: «Although most of us think that we never click on this type of ad, it is not true. There are many times that with supposed news about celebrities and with shocking phrases, curiosity is piqued and even the most sensible person can end up clicking».
«It is important to remember that websites are not infected and that advertising providers, in most cases, do not know that they are placing fraudulent ads. That is where the vulnerability lies, because the hook is launched on trustworthy pages where you don’t count on fraudulent advertising being introduced,» summarizes the Incibe expert.
García reveals that the scam is difficult for security forces to pursue. The ads are active for a short time and the place of origin of the attack changes. At the moment, the address that hosted the text of the fake Almodovar news links to a page selling walkie talkies. «Normally they are hosted in foreign countries and they change servers, connections, Internet addresses from which they send the ads, they move very fast and with the complications generated by the collaboration between countries it is difficult to pursue them», he explains.

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