Jose luis cava bitcoin

Jose luis cava bitcoin


Analyst José Luis Cava analyzes the market situation and reflects on the behavior that may result from the expiration of futures and options contracts on the SP500, as well as the inflation data for the month of June, which will be published throughout the week.
José Luis Cava, independent analyst, warns that tapering, the reduction in asset purchases by the Fed, has already begun. And yet, stock markets are not falling. In his opinion, the economic recovery is not fully discounted. They could continue to rise until the first half of 2023.
José Luis Cava, independent analyst, analyzes the market situation at a time when the Fed is beginning to talk about withdrawing stimulus. In his opinion, and contrary to what Wall Street fund managers believe, the main risk remains inflation, not tapering.

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Un bonito triángulo al final de un largo camino a la baja. Aunque no nos enfrentamos a la acción definitiva, lo más probable es que el escenario esté preparado para las subidas. El mejor caso es ver la ruptura a la baja de corta duración, pero la ruptura al alza en solitario también es válida.
El análisis fundamental indica una compra gratificante y el año pasado no habría decepcionado, superando la media del mercado con un crecimiento constante. Sin embargo, cuando el mercado se acercó al GameStope Squeeze, en medio del frenesí de compra de principios de año, SOLARIA tocó techo, intentó revivir la tendencia de nuevo en el día del squeeze, y luego cedió…
Hay un triángulo ascendente en las acciones de REP (REPSOL). Antes hubo un gran crecimiento del precio (tendencia alcista). Según la teoría de las Ondas de Elliott, el precio se encontraba en la Onda D. Sin embargo, posiblemente se convirtió en un triángulo circuncidado y el precio rompió la zona de resistencia.

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MADRID, DEC. 07 (WEB FINANCIAL GROUP). (Web Financial Group) – Although it sounds like a hackneyed expression, it is the million dollar question. A bitcoin in free ascent, immersed in a rally of just over three weeks, during which it has added nearly 130% to its price, has spurred investor appetite. The queen of digital assets has exceeded analysts’ forecasts one after the other, and with its price exceeding $14,000, many feel an immense temptation to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the gargantuan profitability accumulated by the digital currency. But the doubts are almost as notable as its rise. Do I buy bitcoins? Do I do it now? Two questions through which a dozen analysts consulted by ‘Bolsamania’ explain their reasons for staying on the sidelines or venturing into this burgeoning asset. From their answers we can extract two premises in which almost all agree: If we buy, we must wait for a correction and, if we expose ourselves to digital assets, we must invest an amount that does not exceed a maximum of 3% of our portfolio.INVEST, BUT CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME

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We are at a time when all consensuses are bullish. On stock markets, on monetary policy and also on Bitcoin. The liquidity injected by central banks has led to think that either they continue injecting money to favor the rise of the stock markets or, on the contrary, the system will collapse. And this will favor Bitcoin.
On the one hand, when you look at the dollar chart you can see that everyone believes it will collapse, which in a way explains the rise of the Bitcoin. If we also look at the return of inflation, with Powell controlling interest rates and Yellen spending it will cause the negative real rate to widen and gold, Bitcoin and so on have to rise sharply as well as inflation-linked sectors.
A digital currency that has limited supply and whose demand is growing all the time. It will be used as a payment currency and people are afraid because what they are seeing is the Venezuelan experience. (Nicolás Maduro has communicated that he will authorize Venezuelan banks to open accounts in foreign currency to facilitate the payment of goods and services in the midst of the dollarization of the South American country and the progressive relaxation of controls on the economy. It announced the creation of some payment formats in digital currency). Now they are going to launch yet another currency to control more. When you see that the country is heading towards a model of socialist corporatism, people want to preserve their wealth and that is why Bitcoin is rising, concludes Cava.

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