Jordi alcaraz bitcoin

Jordi alcaraz bitcoin


In conversation with this newspaper, Miguel Alcaraz defends his innocence and only assures that who «defrauded» them was his former lawyer, Joaquín F., who in turn appears in the prosecutor’s brief as one of the alleged victims, since he would have lent 30,000 euros to the two entrepreneurs who then vanished.
The lawyer was the one who sued his former clients, whom he accused of allocating the 180,000 euros theoretically intended for the purchase of bitcoins to the acquisition of shares of Chip Chap, a software application that links traditional banking platforms with virtual currencies.
Its detractors recall that the technology on which it is based is a burden on the environment (a transaction on the block chain on which the cryptocurrency works is equivalent to swiping a credit card through the 14,262 dataphone) and that the ‘bitcoin’ is often behind speculative operations. For the Prosecutor’s Office, it is also behind a scam.


It is said that when the «corralito» was imposed in Greece, some citizens rushed to exchange their euros for bictoins, the virtual currency, in order to ensure the availability of money and take refuge from possible devaluations. The problem they encountered was that there was only one ATM where they could make the purchase and that very few businesses were willing to use this payment model for their products and services on the Internet. Now, for the record, there will be at least two. One of them is the one just installed in Athens by Bitchain, a Catalan startup that has proposed to supply infrastructure to the bitcoin market.


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Jordi alcaraz bitcoin 2022

And although most of the most notorious cases have the United States or Asia as a context, our country does not escape the problems related to Bitcoin and similar. In 2019 alone, we have experienced several scams and frauds related to cryptocurrencies that have set off all the alarms…
To finance this adventure, CryptosolarTech entrepreneurs undertook an ICO, whose assets have been fluctuating in value very drastically in the heat of news such as the alleged investment of 50 million euros from an investment fund (Montbrun Private Capital), despite the fact that the blockchain records barely showed about 140,000 euros raised.
But, as those affected denounce, the reality is quite different. Forobits warns that there is no evidence of those 50 million of foreign investment and, even, that the supposed ship in which they were going to centralize their operations in Malaga does not exist (apparently they would continue working from an office ceded by the consistory of the locality).

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