Joaquín prat bitcoin

Joaquín prat bitcoin

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This Friday, Joaquín Prat took advantage of his work as host of El programa del verano to denounce a scam. He had found that a company was using his image and his name to incite the user to invest in bitcoins.
Something similar happened to Carlota Corredera. In July also of 2017 she said in her social networks the following: «Since a few days ago an article has been circulating on the networks about an allegedly slimming product and to which I would have resorted to lose weight, it is absolutely, this page is a hoax and a scam. It will not go unpunished, health is not to be trifled with».

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Being a popular face appearing on television can mean many things. One of the most surreal but witty is that the person’s own image is used for questionable advertisements and even scams. That is exactly what has happened to Joaquín Prat, who has used El programa del verano as his loudspeaker to denounce such a situation.
«The journalist should never pretend to be the protagonist of the news», began Prat to remind the viewer that «Ana Rosa told them that she herself had been used as a claim in a slimming product that was nothing more than a scam and they had used her image as a fraudulent use».
First Ana Rosa’s image was used, now hisWell, this time it has been the presenter of the summer program himself who has been the protagonist of the story. So, without further ado, he has sentenced: «I have never invested in bitcoin, come on, I do not even invest in the stock market».
«Since yesterday you have been denounced»»It is assumed that after that interview they call from the banks to stop it», explained Prat in reference to what was narrated in the alleged news, which he described as «quite crude» and «all nonsense» since Prat has never been to El Hormiguero nor is it common for Mediaset presenters to go to Atresmedia to talk in programs.

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Mujer once again leads Wednesday night with an episode that once again surpassed the 20% barrier, as it did last Wednesday. On this occasion, the Turkish series of Antena 3 dominates its slot with 20.2% and keeps far away the other Ottoman fiction of the night. Love is in the air remained with 12.2% in Telecinco.  Complete ratings for Wednesday, January 27, 2021.
Joaquín Prat has made a funny mistake during the transition from Todo es mentira to his program Cuatro al día this Wednesday. The presenter got mixed up when he started to advance the juiciest topics of the schedule.
On the occasion of the premiere of new episodes of Scarlet Witch and Vision every Friday on Disney+, Mediaset journalist Matías Prats Chacón has lent his voice to promote the love story of Wanda and Vision, one of the most anticipated releases of the platform.
The farewell of Salvador Illa as Minister of Health in the third wave of the pandemic to focus fully on the PSC candidacy for the Generalitat has taken up much of Carlos Alsina’s monologue in his Onda Cero morning show this Wednesday, January 27.

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Telecinco viewers have been very surprised this Thursday to see how the tertulianos of El programa del verano were very critical of Olga Moreno for the bad image she gave during her interview on Telecinco. The Mediaset show, with Ana Rosa Quintana on vacation, questioned the insubstantial testimony of the wife of Antonio David Flores.
Joaquín Prat elegantly saved an uncomfortable moment that occurred on Cuatro on Tuesday, July 20. It happened at the end of an interview with Joel Martínez, a young man who gave his opinion about the new increase in the electricity tariff and whom the program presented as an «indignant consumer».
The controversial debate generated by Yolanda Díaz on the concept of «homeland» was one of the contents analyzed by Joaquín Prat with his collaborators, this Monday on Cuatro al día. The Minister of Labor has proposed to replace the term by ‘matria’.
It is one of the great controversies of the week. A few days ago, Naim Darrechi, star of the social network TikTok -in which he accumulates more than 26 million followers-, caused a great stir after making some unfortunate statements during an interview with another famous ‘streamer’.

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