Entrevista pablo motos a risto mejide bitcoin

Entrevista pablo motos a risto mejide bitcoin

Pablo motos warns on live about this

Few people today have never talked about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. Even famous names appear when we talk about this form of investment as is the case of the chef Jordi Cruz.
This is what has happened with Jordi Cruz, since having this category of fame, he has been the target of fraudulent ads circulating on the Internet with his image. It is a screenshot of a non-existent interview in a famous program of Antena 3. We are talking about «El Hormiguero» hosted by Pablo Motos.
Bitcoin Era is the page that was behind all this scam and was sold as one of those applications capable of making thousands of dollars in a very short time and investing an amount as ridiculous as 250 dollars.
All of them exactly the same. We are facing a reliable fraudulent practice and we can confirm that Bitcoin Era is a scam created to get customers in people who do not really understand this world and is carried away by the easy money.

Bitcoin scam denounced by pablo motos

When you click on them, you are redirected to a web page that looks like a media that, as we say, transcribes a supposed interview of that famous person in El Hormiguero, where testimonials and supposed success stories are included to try to gain credibility. The reality is that these success stories do not exist because the photos have been taken from image banks.
The content is also full of links that take you to the pages of these supposed financial products, which have names like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader and ask for an initial «investment» of 250€ that you will never see again.

Entrevista pablo motos a risto mejide bitcoin online

For the Supreme Court, this cryptocurrency is «an intangible patrimonial asset, in the form of a unit of account defined by means of the computer and cryptographic technology called bitcoin, whose value is that which each unit of account or its portion reaches by the concert of supply and demand in the sale of these units through Bitcoin trading platforms».
The TS has ventured to do so, but I was already saying that it was not easy to define bitcoin. At first glance, it does not seem easy to manage them either, hence many try to ‘explain’ as they please to make money at the expense of their unsuspecting investors.

Entrevista pablo motos a risto mejide bitcoin del momento

Police investigations began after receiving, through EUROPOL, several complaints from different countries, all of them about investment scams in cryptocurrencies and diamonds. The agents were able to determine the existence of a criminal organization that, between 2018 and 2019, had allegedly been dedicated to defrauding its victims through the simulation of the operation of an investment services company.
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