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Create bitcoin account

Create bitcoin wallet

But in order to use it, it is first necessary to have a kind of virtual wallet, a wallet prepared to house and protect it, which today is known as a cryptocurrency purse or wallet. It is a system that works in a similar way to a traditional physical wallet, with the main difference that it is on the Internet and that it is not something tangible (except for certain digital wallets that have come out in physical format) and that protects all the information it holds to very high levels.
How to create a Bitcoin account or wallet? This is the main question that anyone interested in getting into the world of this virtual currency asks, and we are going to answer it in this guide that we bring you. With our help, you will be able to open your first digital wallet with total security guarantee thanks to one of the most recognized firms in the sector, BlockChain.
There are many portals that offer the possibility of registering to create and have a virtual money wallet for the storage and use of cryptocurrencies or, being more specific, Bitcoin. The problem is that the reliability of all of them is something that is never guaranteed, unless you opt for those that have certificates and experience to back them up.

Bitcoin wallet sign up

A frequent question for cryptocurrency users is where can I store my digital money? Wallets or electronic wallets are the platforms or devices that help you store, send and receive your cryptocurrencies.
There are several types of wallets, from those that allow you to store your cryptocurrencies, each one has several advantages, and of course disadvantages, which can influence a person to choose one.
But what happens when we have already selected a wallet, how difficult is it to acquire one, does it have a cost? To answer these questions in this article we will talk about Blockchain Wallet, one of the most famous crypto wallets in the ecosystem thanks to the security it provides, but it is also user-friendly.
Once the language is configured, now we are going to create a wallet. The platform will give two options, one will be to create an account in a wallet and the other an account in the exchange, in this case you must select the option to create a wallet.


Recommended Previous ContentsAn address, in the world of cryptocurrencies, is the place to which a certain amount of cryptocurrencies is associated. Any person or user who wants to send or receive cryptocurrencies will always need an address.
The address works in the same way as in the traditional financial system, to receive or send money transfers. This means that it functions as a kind of bank account. In Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this is known as an «address» or «wallet address». The purpose of addresses is to allow us to receive and send cryptocurrencies.
A testnet address is quite similar to the initial Bitcoin addresses, except that testnet addresses begin with the prefixes «m» or «2». Otherwise, the process of generating testnet addresses is identical to the original Bitcoin address generation process.
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Bitcoin account number

Here is a very simple explanation for those who want to create a Bitcoin account to have their cryptocurrency amounts, how to know which is the BTC address to receive Bitcoin, where to check the Bitcoin price in real time and something more…
Once you have your wallet and after selecting a seller / exchange to buy BTC, it is time to send the Bitcoin address to your wallet, where you will receive the amount of BTC you have purchased through the agreed payment method.
WARNING: Be careful with errors. Transactions cannot be reversed. If you make a mistake and pass your Bitcoin Cash address instead of the Bitcoin address, for example, too bad. Pay close attention before making any transactions.
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