Bitcoin profit jordi cruz el hormiguero

Bitcoin profit jordi cruz el hormiguero

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The scam occurs once you enter the fake news, where they ask you for an initial investment of 200 euros to earn the same money that Jordi Cruz has supposedly earned.    Another resource they use is to include fake testimonials of people who have supposedly made profits through Bitcoin Trader but who are actually models of image banks. Before the image of Jordi Cruz, the fraudsters have used those of characters such as Amancio Ortega or Antonio García Ferreras.

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The chef Jordi Cruz, famous for his participation in the ‘MasterChef’ contest on La 1, has been the victim of an online scam. He has not been the responsible nor the one who has suffered in his pocket, but his image. Jordi Cruz’s face has been used to promote a Bitcoins scam on a website.
The scam was based on the fact that once you entered the fake news, the user was asked to deposit and initial investment of about 200 euros to win the same money that Jordi Cruz had supposedly won.
The scam of false investments in bitcoin, Jordi Cruz version No, the chef has not said in El Hormiguero that anyone «can become a millionaire» with Bitcoin Trader.We have already told you about this scam that only seeks to get hold of your money ⬇ MALDITO BULO (@malditobulo) June 4, 2019

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When you click on them, you are redirected to a web page that looks like a media site that, as we said, transcribes a supposed interview of that celebrity in El Hormiguero, where testimonials and supposed success stories are included to try to gain credibility. The reality is that these success stories do not exist because the photos have been taken from image banks.
The content is also full of links that take you to the pages of these supposed financial products, which have names like Bitcoin Revolution or Bitcoin Trader and ask for an initial «investment» of 250€ that you will never see again.

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