Bitcoin las palmas

Bitcoin las palmas

Bitcoin las palmas

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by Enrique J.Hernández Nuez | Dec 9, 2019Seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain in the Canary Islands Seminar on Bitcoin and Blockchain given by Enrique Hernández Nuez in the Canary Islands In December, our CEO and Founder Enrique Hernández Nuez, gave a new talk on bitcoin and blockchain, this time in…
by Enrique J.Hernández Nuez | Oct 26, 2018 Anonymity in Bitcoin Much has been said about anonymity in the Bitcoin network, but we must keep in mind that it is not total anonymity, we classify it as pseudo-anonymity. Factors that give Bitcoin anonymity There are three reasons that support the anonymity…
by Enrique J.Hernández Nuez | Oct 26, 2018 Differences between digital, virtual money and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin There is a very common confusion between the terminology we use to talk about Bitcoin, and it leads to confusion.  Many times this type of currency is called cryptocurrencies, other…

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Uso del calendario económicoNuestro calendario económico forex es totalmente personalizable, lo que le ayuda a realizar un seguimiento de los datos exactos que le interesan. Seleccione zonas horarias y divisas de interés y aplique filtros para refinar los resultados y adaptarlos a su estrategia.¿Prefiere materias primas, acciones o índices? Nuestro calendario económico muestra eventos relevantes para ayudarle a operar también en estos mercados. También puede profundizar en las tendencias y acontecimientos financieros mundiales con nuestras últimas noticias y artículos de análisis. Obtenga más información sobre cómo leer el calendario económico.
La negociación apalancada en divisas o productos fuera de bolsa con margen conlleva un riesgo significativo y puede no ser adecuada para todos los inversores. Le aconsejamos que considere cuidadosamente si la negociación es apropiada para usted en función de sus circunstancias personales. El comercio de divisas implica un riesgo. Las pérdidas pueden superar los depósitos. Le recomendamos que busque asesoramiento independiente y que se asegure de comprender plenamente los riesgos que conlleva antes de operar.


The price of some cryptocurrencies has surged after Amazon revealed it was hiring an expert in the field. It announced a «digital currency and blockchain product lead» to see «how Amazon customers pay.» Bitcoin surged from $29,000 to more than $39,000 per coin on Monday, its biggest growth in several weeks.
Since Elon Musk stated that Tesla would not accept cryptocurrencies, the drop in the value of Bitcoin has been epic, showing that these types of assets are highly volatile and have no more substance than the words of a billionaire. If it is finally revealed that Amazon will not accept this type of payments, the value would fall again.

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However, one day, the now whistleblower tried to access the aforementioned account, but was unable to. And, once he was able to enter, 48 hours later, he detected that the money had literally disappeared.  In view of this circumstance, he contacted the representatives of the Bittrex platform, who attributed the fact to the actions of a cybercriminal.
In the aforementioned order, dated February 9, the magistrate agreed to initiate preliminary proceedings on the matter. The judicial authority explains that, in the absence of «sufficient data to know the identity of the author of the reported facts, it is agreed to officiate» the aforementioned police group so that, based on the complaint filed and the documents provided, the agents of the same determine, «if possible, a line of technological research to identify the author, requesting from this Court as many proceedings as necessary for this purpose».
The head of the aforementioned court also requests that the mediating company in Tenerife of Bittrex’s insurance company be informed of the existence of the aforementioned procedure so that they can appear and make the allegations they deem appropriate, as well as to provide the insurance policy to guarantee civil liability.

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