Bitcoin la sexta noche

Bitcoin la sexta noche


The experts’ opinion on investing in BitcoinThe journalists wanted to explore and learn about the reasons that lead people to discover this world or the dangers it holds. The program contacted psychologist Antonio Gijón, who assured that cryptocurrencies are generating a great addiction among society.
«It is similar to gambling, pornography and online shopping; it is something instantaneous and with rapid changes, and the attraction of the digital is always a very important plus, so it has all the criteria to become potentially addictive,» concludes the specialist.
False hopes of becoming a millionaireEconomist Juan Carlos Galindo was also interviewed by the program to know first-hand the opinion of an expert in another field. Galindo emphasized that it is directly said that bitcoin can make you a millionaire, but also lose everything one has.
«You cannot recommend something that can ruin people in just one minute. The digital currency is not supervised and is not owned by anyone.» Regarding the disclosures on social networks, the economist believes that they usually respond to the profile of young and attractive people.

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Cryptocurrency fever

I’m glad I tried it, because it must be the easiest way I’ve ever made a lot of money in my life. I’m talking thousands of euros a day automatically. It’s literally the fastest way to make an extraordinary cash income right now. And it’s not going to last much longer, as soon as more and more people find out about it. Or as soon as the banks put the brakes on it.»
The idea behind Bitcoin Billionaire is simple: allow any normal person to cash in on cryptocurrencies, which remain the most lucrative investment of the 21st century, despite what most people think.
Even though the price of Bitcoin has fallen from its all-time high of €20,000 per Bitcoin, traders are still making a killing. Why? Because there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin being traded every day for huge profits.
Bitcoin Billionaire allows you to profit from all these cryptocurrencies, even in a down market. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically manage buy and short trades so you make money 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

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PS: Becerra was one of the first economists I followed, but after a while he started to sound like a broken record with his apocalyptic vision, that he got the crisis right… he is like a broken clock, he gets the time right 2 times a day I do not know if he has changed his speech with this Bitcoin thing, I will read his article.
He has said nonsense, he has said. He has a very elitist and dystopian vision of the future where intellectuals (like him) will live in huge cities with all the comforts, while the rest of the world will live in the periphery with a small salary because there will be no work for anyone because they will not be needed.
In the private sector there is the threat that the student will leave and with him the money, but in this country of titulitis it matters little, in the end there are always those who only want to buy the degree. In general the «academics» are not very trustworthy in my opinion.

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